blooming fibers designs - Lisa McCausland, Fiber Artist
    Welcome to blooming fibers designs!

At blooming fibers designs I hand-crochet unique pieces  including my felted handbags--made with 100% pure wool--hats, scarves, neck warmers, shawls, capelets, ponchos, baby blankets, baby hats and clothes, felted bowls, and jewelry.

New pieces are added to the collection frequently and I also take custom orders. blooming fibers designs guarantees your satisfaction and I can assure you that your expectations will be met.

NEW!! You can now purchase blooming fibers designs at Wild Things! in Elmwood Village in Buffalo, NY at 224 Lexington Avenue, just off Elmwood Avenue:  716-882-3324 or

Visit our Events page for information on taking crochet classes with Fiber Artist Lisa McCausland!


                  "One should either be a piece of art or
                            wear a piece of art."
                                  -Oscar Wilde

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